Custom Booth Sales

Expo Services & Products, Inc. offers all of our standard exhibit booth designs as well as custom designs for purchase.

The largest advantage to purchasing an exhibit booth is that financially it is ultimately less expensive to own your booth, and can use the same design several times. The exhibit booth display is available to you for any show throughout the year you are involved in. Your company could take advantage of Expo Services & Products, Inc. storage service. If the initial expenditure is preventing your company from making a tradeshow booth purchase Expo Services & Products can work with you offering several rent-to-own, lease- purchase and other payment plans for your tradeshow exhibit booth purchase.

Additionally, you have the customer control over important factors like finished exhibit design style, laminate or fabric colors, lighting, and flooring. We will work with you to develop a high quality product within your budget range. Expo Services & Products, Inc. is available to design and produce new tradeshow graphics and provide maintenance to your booth as needed.

Here Are Some Samples Of Custom Booth Sales