Trade Show Booth Rentals in Las Vegas


When your trade show budget is tight, a turnkey trade show display rental may be right for you. At Expo Services, we offer a variety of pre-kitted booths that include backwalls, hanging signs, counters, lighted displays, A/V, and more. And our convenient Las Vegas, Nevada location saves time and money on freight for local and regional exhibitions and events. 

Trade show booth rentals offer several advantages over purchased booths including:

  • All-inclusive Pricing – Design, layouts, utility drawings, set-up, and teardown are all included in the rental price.*
  • Well Equipped – Rental booth kits offer a mix of fixtures, with some including storage closets, product showcases, display towers, and furnishings.
  • Customization – Display your brand and messaging with custom graphics, professional design and high-quality printing services.
  • Cost Savings – Lightweight and self-contained, these kits save money on shipping and drayage. You don’t have to pay for booth storage. Plus, the cost to rent a booth may be lower than your capital expense threshold.
  • Fully Scalable – Mix-and-match rented and purchased properties for the perfect fit for you!

At Expo Services, we are committed to providing solutions that fit our customers’ budgets and unique needs. We offer an extensive inventory of booth properties that stand out from the crowd, along with industry-leading services to make your job easier.

Check out our Trade Show Rental Booth options below.

*Drayage costs are not included in our pricing. Drayage varies from show to show and is billed by the show organizer.

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Hybrid Pro 20x20 Modular island Kit 17 left view.

20×20 Booth Rentals

20×20 Rental Booths These 20’ x 20’ booth rentals include everything you need for a dazzling display in your peninsula or island booth. Choose from

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