Roadshows & Traveling Exhibits

Take your business directly to your most valuable audiences with roadshows and traveling exhibits. At Expo Services, we’ll help you plan, conceptualize, and produce an impressive mobile display, demo room, or hospitality event. 


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Roadshows are ideal for creating a more personalized customer, prospect, and employee experience. Typically held in hotel meeting rooms, these by-invitation-only events give you the ability to strategize around your target audience, bringing specific messages to selected locations. Roadshows are most commonly used for sales channel training, regional product introductions, and hospitality events. We’ll help you choose and design the portable display properties that get your message across while being easy to move around.

Roadshow Trailers

Roadshow Trailers let you take your products and services directly to your audience. These fully scalable, traveling demo rooms can be constructed in a semi-trailer, a van from your current fleet, or even a rental truck. With a trailer, you create an interactive brand and product experience that your customers and prospects are sure to remember. They are perfect for potential buyers who need to see your products in action before finalizing the sale. And they’re a great addition to your trade show marketing and onsite demo sales strategy. Our experienced team can design for any size space and style you choose, permanent or temporary.

Traveling Exhibits

Cleveland library Cleveland Metropolitan Schools Gund Foundation Changing Minds Traveling Exhibit.

Traveling Exhibits are most commonly used in the arts, entertainment, and recreational sectors. Traveling exhibits typically move to multiple locations around the country to stay for extended periods of time for public viewing. Since many of these moving museums and art shows include high-value display items, safe and secure handling and transportation are a must. Our knowledge of logistics and displays means we can make sure your exhibit pieces are well protected before, during, and after your events – and that your display includes fun and engaging experiences for your visitors. 

Put Our Experience to Work for You!

With our commitment to providing outstanding exhibit services, coupled with over 25 years of experience, Expo Services is ready to help you achieve your roadshow and traveling exhibit goals!