Fall Trade Show Season is Coming: What’s Your Game Plan?

It might remind you of school shopping or raking up piles of leaves, but for us in the trade show and event industry, when we think of fall, we think business! That’s because autumn happens to be a popular time for trade shows, expos and conventions – and for good reason. Not only is the […]

5 Awesome 4th of July Traditions From Around the Country

July is here and that means it’s time to bear your stars and stripes, fire up the grill and find a cozy blanket to help you sit and enjoy some festive fireworks. Whether you’re staying home or heading out of town this Independence Day, there are some pretty spectacular celebrations around the country – many […]

The 8 Words You Should be Using to Sell Yourself at Your Next Tradeshow

If you’re involved in the trade show, expo or convention industry, you know that trade show marketing is a niche discipline – different than traditional forms of sales and marketing. The beauty about tradeshows and expos, however, is that you have a captive audience who is, generally speaking, already a prime target for your product […]

Tips to Help Tradeshow Professionals Maximize Their Productivity

If you’re a tradeshow manager, event planner or tend to work in the world of conventions, expositions and tradeshows, you likely often feel like you’re being pulled in every direction at once. While this might come with the job’s territory, it can also lead to a lower productivity level than you’d otherwise experience – and […]

6 Things to do in New Orleans this Spring

If your tradeshow or event calendar takes you to New Orleans this spring, lucky you! New Orleans is one of those places that mixes business with pleasure seamlessly. That’s because you can’t help but have fun in NOLA. Make the most of Louisiana’s southern hospitality and eclectic, one-of-a-kind style this spring. Here are a few […]

4 Tips for Tightening Your Trade Show Budget

Let’s talk about your trade show budget. Whether you’re a professional trade show coordinator or a newbie to the industry, you’re not likely looking to blow your budget when you’re making a splash at your next trade show, conference or expo. That said, trimming the budget from your event marketing fund can be pretty tough. […]

7 Tips to Save Money on Business Travel

Want to save money on business travel?  If you’re in the world of event marketing, trade show coordination and exhibitions, chances are, you travel a good deal. And whether you’re heading to Orlando, Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Francisco or any of the country’s hottest trade show and conference cities, chances are, you’re looking to save […]

Surf Expo 2016 in Orlando

Surf Expo 2016 It’s a busy month in the Trade Show Industry in Orlando. There are so many big events coming in but one of our favorites, Surf Expo, is worth the highlight. We want talk about awesome companies, hashtags, and cool marketing strategies that are extremely captivating. Let’s dig in… What we will talk about […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Trade Show Marketers

Are you a trade show marketer (or trying to become one)? With a new year upon us, the time is now to assess your marketing plans for the coming year and build a strategy to absolutely kill it at any trade show, conferences or conferences that you attend. Here are a few of our favorite […]