Ultimate Guide: Tips On Displaying Products At Tradeshows

The reason you participate in trade shows is simple – to promote your products in a way that engages visitors, generates leads, and creates sales.  In all of the preparing you’ve done, it’s easy to overlook details related to displaying your products.

That’s why we’ve come up with 6 tips below for presenting them in the best way possible.

Highlight Top Products Instead Of Showing Them All

Maybe you have one product, maybe you’ve got one million.  If you’ve got a lot it’s best to choose a handful to focus on rather than cramming your booth full.  In terms of prioritizing you should consider which products are your:

  • Top-selling
  • Category leaders
  • Newest or on promotion

The key is to have enough of an array to keep it interesting, but not so many that your display overwhelms your visitors.

Put People & Information In Place To Explain Your Products

What’s that?  It’s a question that’s great if asked on the front end, but you don’t want it to stop there.  You’ve seen something before, wondered what it is, and looked for more information that was nowhere to be found.  Well…onto the next booth.

Be sure to provide information about what your product is, does, features, and ways it can benefit them.  Offer specifications including things like size, weight, and other details that will educate potential buyers.  All of this can be done with brochures, sales pages, display banners, whiteboards, signage, and other delivery methods to help communicate the info.

Demo Your Products To Grab Attention & Engage

One of the most effective ways to get attendees to stop in their tracks and give their undivided attention is to run product demos.  How creative is your demo?  Can you add a twist to it that’s unexpected or blows their minds?  What props are you using?  Who will perform the demo?  Are you doing ongoing demos or running them on a schedule?  These are all things to consider.

Make sure that where you show your product and what it can do is in a place that’s easily seen by the traffic passing by.  In some cases you may need to elevate so you’re above certain elements of your booth and in clear site.

Place Products Where They’re Easily Seen, Touched, & Used

Retail giant Wal-Mart and other huge companies are masterful at product placement.  They know that putting certain products at eye level, or at specific places in the store based on the shopper journey can mean the difference between small sales and a huge lift.  As you layout your tradeshow booth take the same factors into consideration.

Create A Larger, Scaled Versions Of Small Products

Remember the “Tiny Elvis” skit on Saturday Night Live?  It may be that your product has a lot of swag and personality like “Little E”, but no one would ever know unless they viewed up very closely (like “Microscopic Elvis”…yes, he was part of the skit too).  This is where a bigger, scaled version of your product would fit in nicely.  With all the other distractions going on around, you want to be sure that people can easily see and understand the various parts and functionality of your offer.

Leverage Lighting, Sound, & Visual Media To Accentuate Your Products.

Lights, huge speakers, big screens, computers, multi-media…it’s all part of creating marketing sizzle.  Big companies often have enormous budgets to “ooh and ahh” passersby.  Even if that’s the case with your industry and competition you still can’t afford to ignore the significance of these details.  Having amazing lighting, no lights, the wrong kind of lights, or misplaced lights, can mean the difference between your product looking dull and uninteresting or stunning and attractive.  Building this into your show budget can make for high attendee engagement.

As you can see there are numerous things to consider when it comes to displaying your product effectively at trade shows.  By implementing the suggestions above you’re much more likely to attract, engage, and ultimately to sell more.